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El bosque de Finlandia en Rascafría

Join us for a day outdoors, which will take you to discover a beautiful corner located in Madrid's privileged town of Rascafría. We are talking about the 'Finnish forest', a little piece of Scandinavian beauty that you will find without leaving the region, in a route that you can do it with your family, as it is suitable for all audiences. Would you like to join us?

Get ready to enjoy a unique getaway in the Rascafría surroundings. Wrap up, that in these dates the temperatures already are very low, dress on clothes and comfortable shoes that we started. 

This Madrid Villa, which we also recommend you to explore, will be the starting point for our route. It is one of the most beautiful places in the mountains, which houses the famous Monastery of El Paular, founded in the fourteenth century by 'Enrique II of Castille', thanks to donations made by the Carthusian Monks. Mandatory stop if you don't know it yet.  

From the monastery, we head towards the 'Perdón' bridge, which owes its name to the trials that held place there, a place from which we encourage you to take a photo, as the view of the monastery from here is wonderful. This bridge was built to facilitate the passage of the monks to the old paper mill in which they made sheets, and as a curiosity, we will tell you that the prince edition of the first part of Don Quixote was printed here.

Once crossed the bridge, we take the path that emerges on our left, and where you will see a metal door. If it is closed, we will continue walking then there is another entrance, which will take us directly to the heart of the forest, where we will find a jetty, a beautiful lake and a small wooden cottage, which was once used as a sauna.

During the journey, we will enjoy the beauty of the landscape full of trees of different species, which in spring and summer are dazzled by the coolness it gives off, in autumn by the beauty of its ochre colors, and in winter, by its icy appearance, since it is possible that the waters of the lake are frozen, and hopefully, it will be a beautiful white picture thanks to the snow, worthy of a fairy tale.

When are you coming?

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Image credits: Web Sierra Norte