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Diez paseos temáticos por la Sierra de Guadarrama

The Sierra de Guadarrama hides several places that are undoubtedly worth visiting. An authentic space of biodiversity which we can now explore through ten unique thematic walks of different difficulties. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear, respect nature and don't forget to bring water because... Let's get started!

1. Cabeza Lijar
This medium-high difficulty walk will take you for 4 hours to reach the highest point in the municipality of Guadarrama which, known as Cabeza Lijar, is the boundary between the provinces of Madrid, Segovia and Ávila. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the surroundings and the sound of the birds, as it was lived by the first mountaineers who entered the Sierra.

2. Álamos blancos
This route, which, like the previous one, start in the Puerto del León, goes up to Los Alamos Blancos hill, which is surrounded by centenary wild pines catalogued as singular trees of the Region of Madrid, which gives us a wonderful day, where the landscape varies its colour depending on the season.

3. Arcipreste de Hita
From the Tablada station starts this walk of medium difficulty, so many times described by poets, literates and people of letters that since the middle Ages have crossed the area. It has several explanatory milestones, and in our way we will find different springs.

4. Vías pecuarias
This is one of the easiest walks, and runs through the Dehesa de los Poyales to the Pradera de los Guindos. After leaving the Gurugú Park, we will walk through an area where we will find stray cattle, so it is important to be careful and leave the gates closed after crossing them. A path that will transport you to another era of rural life.

5. Por las trincheras
We now go to the Jarosa reservoir, as there is this circular route of medium difficulty, which includes a total of 5 explanatory milestones, and retains traces of the Civil War, such as trenches, parapets, remains of buildings and even a circular bunker.

6. Bosque plateado
We continue our journey thanks to this new promenade that has its exit in the parking Cordobes, and throughout the journey houses large vegetation with trees very long-lived and unique. The route ends in the meadow of La Covacha from which you have a panoramic view of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

7. En busca del agua
Starting from the previous car park, we follow this circular route whose theme is water and the landscape generated by its storage and collection. We will know details of the history of the construction of the La Jarosa Reservoir to conclude the circular route ends at the Fence of Felipe II.

8. Un respiro saludable
We return again to the Gurugú, and from there we will walk along the Paseo de la Alameda, to discover what properties beneficial to nature for health, made the Madrid bourgeoisie settle in this area in the nineteenth century.

9. Orígenes de la villa
About to finalize our list, we arrived at this walk, crossroads and pass between the plateaus, which turned the town of Guadarrama into a strategic place. The Tower, the Fuente de los Caños, the Puente del Rosario, the old Pósito or Panera Real, the livestock crush, the Plaza Mayor or the Barrio de Regiones Devastadas, are faithful witnesses of history, which you can now know first hand.

10. Magia de los árboles
Finally, we go to the Villa de Guadarrama school, from where this low difficulty route starts, which will take us to know the meadow below, and with which through 5 explanatory milestones you will discover one of the most significant examples of ash trees from Guadarrama and the Region of Madrid, a good example of this are the Gran Fresno de la Dehesa de Abajo, the Fresno de la Peana and the Fresno de la Cueva.

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Image credits: Miguel303xm [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)]