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Teatro Bus, ¡vive una experiencia única!

Fun, spectacle and culture are available to anybody with the initiative of the 'Teatro Bus', you choose the place and when to go. Buses are itinerant stages, in which plays of different styles are performed and in which the public is the true protagonist who interacts with the actors. A close and different way to live the passion of the art of the scene. Get into the theater, we'll start!

Immerse yourself in the stories we tell you, become the protagonist, we will look for you, choose the stop and there we are. These are the signs of identity of this new initiative carried out, to bring the world of culture closer to all spectators who want to climb and tour the city enjoying the freshness and closeness that comes from seeing, touching and participating in a play.

Sometimes dreams come true, that is what happened to the creator of the idea, Javier Fuentes, who has united his passion of art and literature, with his professional activity, passenger transport, in this way Teatro Bus is born, which has already obtained recognition through the prize for innovation awarded in the Arriva international awards.

The magic of theatre can be felt in the bus, curtains and red velvet armchairs, the carpet, the set, the actors, the wardrobe, the professional sound, all within a short distance so that the atmosphere is ideal and you can enjoy the whole dimension of the show. Schools, Town Councils, Tourism, collectives and families, all have a place in this unique initiative. Several hundred works represented in motion, with great success and public acceptance.

The artistic team made up of more than 30 members, including actors, dancers and singers, give life to the characters of the plays, from children's theatre, social, for adults, tourism, corporate... A very complete offer that in these summer months becomes very attractive.

We can have a fun and different time, without the summer heat of the street, while we walk around the city, do you feel like it?

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Image credits: Web Teatro Bus