Turismo Madrid


Tres Visitas Virtuales

The National Museum of Natural Sciences, the National Archaeological Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemizsa, offer you the possibility of making virtual visits without leaving home, using the computer, the tablet or your mobile device. Take a walk through the history and evolution of our planet, get to know archaeology in detail, and of course make an immersive visit to six magnificent temporary exhibitions.

We begin our virtual tour at the National Museum of Natural Sciences, with a visit to the history of our planet, the geological eras, the skeletons of dinosaurs and large mammals, the origin of humanity and its evolution. A walk of more than 4,500 million years, in which we will discover different types of fossils and the dimension of paleontological research. In this visit we highlight the exhibition of more than 240 specimens of meteorites brought from all over the world, with a special section for those who have fallen in Spain since 1773, until today.

Now we visit the National Archaeological Museum to take an immersive walk through history from another point of view. With the 404 panoramas, we will tour 40 rooms, visit its 337 showcases, and 250 platforms, with some 13,000 archaeological objects, at 3,802 points of interest, 728 graphic panels, 2,583 explanatory posters, 329 illustrations, 84 original maps, 45 videos and 587 links for more information, if required. Impressive numbers, for a tour full of archaeological knowledge and information. 

To conclude our recommendations, the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum presents six virtual tours of its temporary exhibitions, accessible from mobile devices, with a special version if we have Virtual Reality glasses. From classics such as Sorolla and Fashion, to Monet and Boudin, Beckmann and Exile Figures, Victor Vasarely's Op Art, Dalí and Surrealism, to end with a lesson in virtualized art. It's worth it, don't miss it. 

Image credits: Web Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza