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El Encanto de la Tierra. Rutas Turísticas por Nuevo Baztán

The town of Nuevo Baztán, is located in the south-east of the Region of Madrid, and was founded in the 18th century by Juan de Goyeneche y Gastón, as an agricultural centre and manufacturer of articles such as fabrics and glass. With an extremely important Historical-Artistic Heritage, it is no less important its natural environment in which to enjoy its rich landscape, species and vegetation, ideal for lovers of hiking.

The recommendation that we propose you in this occasion is of two tourist routes that sure they are going to amuse you. Let's star our route!

The Senda de Valmores is our first choice. It is a circular ecological path, which combines the natural surroundings of the route through the countryside with the historical and artistic richness of the heritage sites of the town of Nuevo Baztán, from which the path starts. 

The natural path is soft, without much difficulty and with few slopes. If it is done in its entirety, there are 7 kilometres, which can be done in a quiet way in 5 hours; however, it is possible to shorten it depending on the needs of hikers. The lands are of a very typical physiognomy of the southeast of the Region of Madrid, characterized by wide moors, that we will find between the valleys that the rivers Henares, Tajuña and Jarama have pierced. The morphology of the landscape is understood, from the geological point of view.

The influence, evolution and, above all, the impact that such diverse factors as human interaction, geological structure, climate and vegetation have had on the territory should be highlighted in this route.

We recommend to be well provided with water, comfortable clothes and sufficient sun protection. It is important to have a responsible attitude towards ourselves and everyone who accompanies us, especially the little ones and older people.

The second recommendation is the Senda Galiana, which is part of the well-known Cañada Real Galiana, a historic livestock route that crosses Spain from north to south, and which has served as a transhumance route since the times of the Mesta. 

Within this path, we can perform various activities related to nature, such as cycling, horseback riding and of course hiking. These include well-known points of the Cañada Real Galiana, such as the "Cordel de la Senda Galiana", characterised by its constant width, with an approximate distance of 3,5 kilometres and the "Descansadero-Abrevadero Fuente del Rey", originally used for resting livestock and which is currently a natural recreational area, with its fountain and other characteristic elements.

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