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Vías Verdes

What do you think about explore a large part of the Region of Madrid through old railway tracks? Thanks to the 'Vías Verdes' (Greenways) program this is possible, so lovers of outdoor tourism are in luck, since there are itineraries suitable for all audiences that will allow you to relax, enjoying wonderful landscapes, and why not of the historic heritage of the localities through by which they run.

Throughout our country, there are more than 7000 kilometres of lines that no longer have train services or that perhaps never had. Since the year 1993, these old railway tracks have been conditioned within the 'Greenways' program so that they can be easily travelled by lovers of hiking, cycling, or people with reduced mobility.

Thanks to the use of these old infrastructures the perfect integration in the landscape of the routes is guaranteed. Its conditioning is carried out facilitating the conditions of transit on these railway platforms providing them with protection and information elements so that they are accessible to all the publics.

Currently and thanks to the 'Greenways' program, our country has more than 2500 kilometres of old railway tracks conditioned like 120 Greenways. In this article, we detail us the 4 routes located in our region, so that if you like to be in touch with nature, you can go out to enjoy with family, with friends or as you decide the fascinating landscapes, as well as cultural and tourist richness of the towns that pass through these roads in the Region of Madrid:

The Greenway of the Guadarrama River, runs along the river that gives its name to the route. It's a linear itinerary undeveloped and without marks about 14 kilometres between Móstoles and Navalcarnero. Along the way you will enjoy an extensive vegetation, vines fields, although the place with the most ecological and scenic value that crosses this route is the Regional Park of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River. In this link you will find more information so that once you have passed the tour you can see its historical heritage.  

A second route, the Tajuña, consists of something more than 50 kilometres that go through a general accessibility section, and crosses different localities from Arganda del Rey to Ambite, crossing a meadows landscape to the river that gives name to this greenway. Here you will find a detailed description of everything that you can find.  

Complementing the previous one, is the Greenway of the Train of the 40 Days, which is accessed by foot, by bicycle or wheelchair by the Green Way of the Tajuña, although if you prefer you can only travel this way accessing from Carabaña. This path of 14 kilometres, which is said to have been built in just forty days in Franco's time, runs between spectacular trenches, olive trees and fields of work, and is now a way of escape from the bustle of the city. 

Finally, the Greenway of Gasoline, which consists of 3 kilometres and follows the old railroad track that was used to supply fuel to Barajas airport. With a simple itinerary also accessible, it runs through a large green area, which culminates in one of the most beautiful parks in the capital: the Capricho park

These routes are the ideal way to promote the culture of outdoor sports. Do you want to sign up?

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