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Ruta por el Valle de la Barranca

If you are a lover of hiking, or simply you want to enjoy a day in touch with nature, away from the bustle of the city, with friends or family, we suggest you to go to Navacerrada to discover a unique route of great beauty the Barranca Valley suitable for all audiences. Do you want to join us?

At the feet of Bola del Mundo and La Maliciosa, is located the beautiful Barranca Valley, one of the most interesting landscaping places in the Guadarrama National Park which belongs to the town of Navacerrada

We start our route near the Hotel La Barranca, where we will find a large car park. You can get here via the M-607 road and after reaching a point where you cannot continue with the car we start our hiking journey.

Here begins our particular disconnection of the city because our first sight will be two small reservoirs perfectly integrated in the landscape known as the 'Ejército del Aire' and 'Pueblo de Navacerrada'.

We continue northbound to a forest trail, and after reaching a pair of curves take the 'Senda Ortiz', a path with slight slope that was formerly travelled by woodcutters. We reached the Arroyo del Chiquillo and find a crossroads, we take the right until reach a huge area of level ground. Breathe fresh air and enjoy the moment.

As a curiosity we shall say that here was the Royal Sanatorium of Navacerrada, which at the time was the scene of different horror movies.

After leaving the area of level ground will arrive at Mirador de las Canchas and a space from which you can enjoy stunning views so get out your camera and don't miss anything, because from here you can see: the Bola del Mundo, La Maliciosa , las Cabrillas and background Madrid.

We return to our journey starting a steep decline towards the starting point, although if you like, before arriving you can make a stop along the way taking the road to the marked area of the Fuente de la Campanilla to regain strength. We put ourselves n the road again to see the stream of Navacerrada and the Fountain of Mingo before finding the initial section of the route that will take us to La Barranca.

As you can see this is a very simple route to do with the whole family without problem, always using of course, the appropriate footwear, sunscreen and drinking a lot of water.

If you still want more, in the same location is situated the forest park De Pino a Pino, so if you decided to be accompanied by the smallest of the house, will be able to test your skill and ability with giant zip lines, swinging bridges, lianas, and much more, as it is not necessary to have great physical shape.