Turismo Madrid


Visitas guiadas gratuitas por la región

If you want to know in depth the Region of Madrid, we make it easy through the different free tours available. This week we bring you a very special selection, which will provide you the opportunity to visit iconic buildings, monasteries. Do you want to join us?

Comes to Alcala de Henares a new edition of the 'Abierto por Obras' program. A single opportunity, to visit the Monasterio Cisterciense de San Bernardo (Cistercian Monastery of San Bernardo), known as 'The Bernardas'. Thanks to the free-guided tours that will take place in August and September, you'll see one of the most unique buildings of the first Madrid Baroque, which is currently being restored. Discover here the schedules and book now your place, the visits will take place in groups of thirty people.

The next August 27 starts a new season of the free initiative for children who started in the Alcalá City Council in 2013: 'Historias de Complutum'. Every Saturday at 11am until October 29, you will discover in a different and fun way the historical and cultural heritage of Alcala de Henares. During more than 30 minutes accompanied by Gayo Annio and Terencia Antilia, a marriage of the time, you'll know the Roman city of Complutum, declared of Asset of Cultural Interest in 1992. 

Antonio Palacios, one of the most representative figures of the Madrid architecture is the protagonist of our next activity. To mark the centenary of the construction of the Jornaleros Hospital located in Maudes Street, the Region of Madrid pays tribute to this architect, one of the authors of the modernization from Ancient City Court to modern metropolis. Until next December, takes part in the free guided tours, or cycles of conferences that hosts the program 'Antonio Palacios. Architect of Madrid'. Sign up now on its website www.antoniopalacios.es and don't miss your place!

With the aim of offering tours of the city of Madrid accessible to all audiences, is launched the accessible tourism program 'Madrid para todos' (Madrid for all). Since the month of September, for two hours and for free, you can explore the centre of the capital, knowing the most emblematic places through two routes: monumental and historic. The groups, accompanied by professional guides will be 25 people. Book now your place at the Tourism Centre Plaza Mayor (Plaza Mayor, 27).