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Ruta accesible por Alcalá de Henares

Discover walking Alcala de Henares is always a pleasure, monuments, museums, cultural centers and Leisure, become now more accesible, through the Group of Heritage Cities, with the creation of the detailed tourist route Physical accessibility, visual, hearing and intellectual disabilities. Let's discover it!

Inside the tourism offices, which are clearly identified, we can find information of those monuments that allow access to guide dogs and assistance. It is also posible, by appointment in this case, hiring visits adapted to the needs of people with physical, visual and hearing impairment. Another important aspect is the parking for disabled, indicated and close to the tourist attractions along the routes.

The route of physical accessibility, starts at the tourist office located in Plaza de Cervantes, in this pedestrian walk you can find places like the Town Hall, Corral de Comedias, the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, the Archaeological Museum, the squares of Bernardine and the Palace, the Interpretation Centre Burgo de Santiuste, Puerta de Madrid and the walled enclosure, we finish the tour in the Cathedral. All streets in the route are adapted with wide sidewalk, fords and turning radius of the corners needed for wheelchairs. Most streets are pedestrian or vehicle access restricted, and the profile is flat with the maximum slope of 3.5%, in a small section of the street Cardinal Sandoval y Rojas.

For people with intellectual disabilities, and in all the points of interest within the route, it is available the cultural information in Spanish, English, French and Braille. The maps are also offered in high relief for visually impaired and marked the benches to rest along the route.

For people with visual disabilities or difficulties, we must reassure them as all the walk in the route, is homogeneous, without gaps or ridges with uniform stone tiles. In those streets where the pavement is little bit irregular, cobblestones, the level is at the same as the sidewalk to avoid surprises. There is also no stairs, steep slopes and in those points with bollards to prevent vehicle access, is conveniently signposted. In the pedestrian fords, the pavement is buttons based to conveniently identify for potential visual difficulties.

Finally, last month, the well-known blogger Miguel Nonay, presented in the locality the video 'Alcalá, ciudad accesible' (Alcalá, accessible city), with which you will be able to know a route that runs through the most emblematic places of the city, as well as hotels and restaurants in the town fully accessible for people with some kind of disability.

More information: www.turismoalcala.es