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Ruta por Hoyos de Pinilla y el área recreativa Las Lagunillas

Do you want a break from the bustle of the city without leaving the region? On this occasion we suggest you make a route to Hoyos de Pinilla, an ice area in the middle of Madrid mountains, that although the best time of the year to cross it is when winter ends or in springtime, now will allow you to fully enjoy the nature and relax in the recreation area Las Lagunillas.

The route that we propose this week, is a simple route that part of Las Lagunillas recreational area, which is accessed through the road of Burgos A-1. Once there we take the exit 69 from the M-604 in direction Lozoya, and from there we joined the M-637 until you reach that area, about 300 meters before reaching the Port of Navafría.

As we said at the beginning, the right time for this route is when the thaw begins in late winter or in spring, but this time also you can enjoy landscapes of unique beauty that will captivate you by its greatness. In addition to the appropriate footwear, do not forget to bring water and sunscreen to protect you from the sunshine that will accompany you during the route.

We started our way up to a viewpoint from which you can enjoy unbeatable views of the Lozoya Valley and Peñalara. We continue our tour and after a gentle climb reached the wall that delimits the terms of Lozoya and Pinilla del Valle.

Before reaching the Nevero peak, you will reach an area from which you will see three small lakes, genuine glaciers when they arrive low temperatures, which are known as Hoyos de Pinilla. A fascinating experience for the senses. Take some time to enjoy the landscape and even immortalize it with your camera.

After reaching our goal, we can go up or go back to the starting point thanks to this circular route of medium difficulty, which will be able to do with friends or family, because after this walk about more than three hours, we can continue enjoying the day in the recreation area Las Lagunillas, as it is equipped with tables where you can taste a sandwich that after the tour will help you get your strength.

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