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Naturaleza y turismo: nueve rutas por la Comunidad de Madrid

The Region of Madrid gives us the opportunity to discover their region through nine routes that besides being in contact with nature and delight us with its landscapes, you will see several types of birds, whether you are a lover of ornithology or you are just curious. Wear comfortable clothes, grab your camera and your binoculars, and get ready to enjoy the natural diversity of the region!

The Region of Madrid, thanks to its climate, different orography a valuable natural environment and its biodiversity due to its variety of ecosystems, seems one of the ideal places to enjoyed outdoors of its multiple possibilities.
Add to this the richness of their localities and of course, the varied and exquisite gastronomy seems a desirable plan to enjoy with friends, couple or family.

As we said at the beginning of the information, this week we present the new guide 'Birdwatching in Madrid', which includes nine ornithological routes that run through a wonderful environment where you can practice different sports such as cycling, hiking, sailing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, among others, and as the observation of nature.

The first route, 'The Waterfall of Purgatorio', runs along the Sierra de Guadarrama and combines culture and nature. A lineal route that lets you watch the Royal Monastery of Nuestra Señora Santa María de El Paular, declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument. Here you can observe the Golden Eagles, Griffon Vulture, Tawny Own, and the Great Tit.

'Collado Mediano to Roman Lodge', we will go on a tour of history through livestock routes to reach the field where you will find remains of the lodge. On this route you can see different birds, from the Hoopoe, Booted Eagle, to the Eurasian Wryneck and European Green Woodpecker through the European Robin.

The third route that runs 'On the shore of Santillana's reservoir' noteworthy the starting point of it, which is the impressive Manzanares Castle, one of the best preserved in the region. Water birds are the most prominent in this route: Black-headed Gull, Great Cormorant, black-headed gull, Gwylan Benddu and others.

Various cattle trails and many other agricultural roads is what separate the towns of 'Valdetorres de Jarama to Talamanca de Jarama', which as in the previous routes, allow us to enjoy its rich fauna. Located in the heart ZEPA (Special Protection Area), in this route do not miss the Montagu's Harrier, the Eurasian Stone-curlew, and Common Skylark, among others.

The fifth route is the one that corresponds to 'Through the Moors of Santa María de la Alameda'. It is a circular route that runs through Santa María de la Alameda, and shows the farming tradition and the architecture of the area. Here you can observe the Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, and the Red Kite, among others.

The Torrejón de Velasco Castle, will be the starting point of the route that runs 'Through the Guaten Basin and the Galiana Royal Glen' to observe the ornithological protagonist of the area: the lesser kestrel.

'Soto de Viñuelas', with great landscape value is the seventh route proposed, and through it will get to an excellent Mediterranean forest. Here highlight the Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black and Griffon Vulture, the Tawny Owl and other species.

The 'Moors of Pozuelo del Rey', is characterized by being an area of dry land with lack of vegetation that promotes the development of steppe and predatory birds such as the Montagu's harrier or the Crested lark.

The last route takes us up to 'Aranjuez Wetlands', an ideal place to observe waterfowl, including the Grey heron, the Mallard, the Northern shoveler or the Great cormorant, among others. And, taking advantage of the visit, why not learn more about Aranjuez, one of the places 'World Heritage in Madrid'?

Ornithological tourism has more and more fans, and in the Region of Madrid, there are great places to enjoy this activity of birdwatching. Discover here these nine routes further to know the species so you can spot.

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