Turismo Madrid


8 Rutas ecológicas a pie y en bicicleta

Discover walking or cycling the environmental richness that has the northern part of the Region of Madrid. Come to the town of Colmenar Viejo and enjoy in contact with nature thanks to the eight ecological proposed routes. With different levels of difficulty and route, do not think twice and... choose yours!

With the aim to make known, locals and visitors, the environmental value that has the Madrid town of Colmenar Viejo, its Town Hall puts at your disposal the project '8 routes'.

It is, as its name suggests, eight ecological routes with different levels of difficulty and itinerary, will run along paths, streams and trails, over more than 135 kilometres. The routes, called Valle, Desnivel (Camino de Pedrezuela), Semicircular, Camino de Santiago, Marmota, Agua (Arroyo de Tejada), Senda verde del tren and Sierra Blanca (Remedios) may be covered on foot or by bicycle

In its website www.8rutas.es you will find all the keys to enjoy this magnificent environment so, if you decide to explore some of its proposals on foot, and depending on your physical preparation, you can start with the most affordable as the Semicircular, Tren o Sierra Blanca routes. If you want something more demanding requirements, the Santiago route allow you to feel the emotion of the Way of St. James near the Manzanares River.

If, however, your thing is mountain bike, take it and pedalling by different routes, more quietly like the Agua and Tren, and with a higher level of exigency the Valle, Desnivel and Marmota.

Of course, you can download the sheets of the routes here to organize your next getaway, and even access all your information through mobile devices, Smartphones or Tablets. 

You decide how to walk these beautiful places, alone, with friends or even in family because although initially the routes were intended for adults without special physical preparation, you yourself can access alternative paths that allow you to shorten or lengthen the route depending on your needs, discovering new landscapes.

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