Turismo Madrid


Seis Rutas por el Suroeste de la región

Be captivated by the beauty of the scenery offered by the southwest of the region. Six easy routes that can make with your couple, with friends or with the family, that will you spend an unforgettable day in touch with nature. Hiking enthusiasts, this spring you have an appointment in the Region of Madrid.

We started our first route in the San Juan reservoir, allowing us to discover incredible landscapes thanks to the different viewpoints from which will sight the hill of San Esteban, the Yacht Club and the Hill of the Cabreras. During the tour of 10 kilometers of low difficulty, we find oaks, rockrose and junipers, vegetation typical of this area of the Region, and after passing the bridge that crosses the Cofi River that flows into the reservoir will reach an important grove and well-preserved ash trees, willows and poplars. A different option, to know this beautiful natural enclave.

Our second route starts in the Madrid town of Cenicientos to reach the Rock of the same name. A low difficulty path that runs along a forest track that will offer during the tour fabulous views of the Tiétar Valley and the eastern sector of the Sierra de Gredos. After reaching the Rock of Cenicientos, and after enjoying the views of the town, you can return by the same route, or by reaching the ruins of the Seminary, follow the path of Alberca.

Holm oaks of Chapinería is another of the proposed routes that will allow you to enjoy the landscape value around the town. We started at the centre of environmental education 'El Águila' where besides knowing the ecosystem of the Mediterranean oak forest area will have access to the temporary exhibition. We left the centre to walk around the town until a holm oak forest regenerated with high ecological value. Ornithology lovers already enjoy in the area because among other birds inhabit the imperial eagle, black vulture, the griffon vulture or the Special Protection Area (SPA).

The route along the Gorge of the Cofi river begins at the station of Robledo de Chavela until the one of Santa María de la Alameda, and runs along the margins of some of the wildest rivers in the Region. A route of medium difficulty, due to the difficult paths to follow, with a duration of three hours approximately. 

The fifth route takes us to the Rock of Cadalso, in the town of Cadalso de los Vidrios. It is a linear path of low difficulty, in which we see a granitic landscape, product of erosion, we dazzle us with its rich landscape. After walking for less than an hour, we reach the Rock also known as Rock Muñana or Muniana, where we can enjoy one of the best views of the town.

The last route that we propose you is the one that goes towards the Mocha Bridge. Like almost all of the above has low difficulty and approximately in two hours will be completed. Perfect if you want to do it in family because it runs through forest paths from Valdemaqueda to Mocha Bridge, passing through the Hill of San Pedro. If the temperature is pleasant you can make a stop on the way to immortalize the landscape in which vegetation abound pines and oaks, chaparral and rockrose.

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