Turismo Madrid


Discover the museums without leaving home

Surely more than one occasion, lack of time has not allowed you to visit a museum. At present, there are many art galleries that offer interesting virtual tours that allow you not only see their collection and details of the works, but rather are so realistic that you'll think you've been there. Below we reveal in which museums it's possible. You're just one click away to find out!

Move chronologically through the three floors, more than seven centuries of the 'History of Art', and contemplates masterpieces of painting, thanks to the proposed visit by the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

The new website that the Prado Museum presented last December, provides access to more than 10.000 works of art that the gallery treasures in their rooms, so you can access online to great part of its collection and get complementary information in an easily and comfortable way.

Easily and intuitive, you can also virtually visit, the jewels that has the Sorolla Museum while you explore the halls and gardens, of what was once home-studio of the artist from Valencia Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida.

The Museo del Traje offers several alternatives for you to move through the halls of the museum and meet its permanent exhibition. You can do this through a 360º photographic virtual tour, a static virtual visit with you shall know the details of all the pieces exhibited in the showcases of the museum, or through Google Art, a collaboration with Google, whithin the plan Art project.  

You can visit the Museum of America and the most important temporary exhibitions, also thanks to its virtual tours, its youtube channel, or like the previous through Google Art

The National Museum of Anthropology in Madrid meanwhile, gives us the opportunity to tour the gallery and get information about its collections, thanks to the photographic virtual tour 360 degrees.

The Natural History Museum offers virtual visits to the most interesting areas of the museum, such as the 'Real Gabinete' and the exhibition 'Minerals, fossils and human evolution'.

The cuisine from Valencia is what you will know thoroughly thanks to the virtual tour of the National Museum of Decorative Arts created within the framework of the European research project ARtSENSE (Augmented RealiTy Supported adaptive and personalized Experience in a museum based oN processing real-time Sensor Events). An experience of 360 degrees, in which you will not lose detail.

Thanks to the initiative 'Un paseo por el Museo' (A stroll through the Museum) you will make a sightseeing tour of the collections and the halls of the National Museum of Romanticism, which allow you to appreciate the richness of its exhibition proposal.

The National Archaeological Museum of Madrid (MAN), through its thematic tours allow learn about collections exhibited in the museum: 'Imprescindibles' and 'Arqueología de la muerte'.

The Cerralbo Museum offers to the user an image gallery and online catalogues with which he can enjoy the magnificent collection owned by the museum.