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Route along the rural architecture of the Region of Madrid

One of the main attractions of the Region of Madrid is its architecture. This week we offer you a brief comment of the rural architecture of the area, where strolling through different locations can delight us with its beautiful buildings full of colour, perfectly integrated into the landscape and just a few steps from the capital city.

The Region of Madrid offers multiple plans to enjoy leisure time. This week, rather than propose a single tourist destination, we invite you to immerse yourself completely in our community and enjoy not only the landscapes from the multiple viewpoints, or its gastronomy or its artistic heritage but contemplate the rural architecture predominant in our region.

We are referring to those buildings that have been predominantly made by the people of the village with readily available materials. Many of the houses were built with stone due to the abundance of this material, but also found some with clay resulting adobe structures was readily available by local residents.

In order to protect their homes from the cold, it is common in the mountainous construction find thick walls of stone (granite and gneiss), covered with mud inside. Proof of this are the granite constructions of Buitrago del Lozoya, or the slate ones of Patones. Depending on the area was included a new material, the wood, used for the beams, doors, stairs and balconies as those in the main square of Chinchón

The houses, with one or two floors, are characterized by the lack of windows to keep warm. In the case of the latest ones, the distribution used to be almost always the same, and can be found on the ground floor the stable and the kitchen that thanks to its fireplace, heat source in the hardest months, was the home zone with most life. In the high floor were located the bedrooms and a room where was stored the harvest and were kept the farming tools.

Of course, thanks to the importance of the livestock in the Region of Madrid, we cannot forget the agricultural constructions, which constitute an important legacy in Madrid's rural architecture.

We encourage you to discover the architecture of our region, for this, and through our website, you can access to the different locations, and learn more about the town before visiting. Here you will have access to all the information about the Region of Madrid, what are you waiting for discover it?