Turismo Madrid


Six free guided tours

If you are in Madrid this summer, you can enjoy some free guided tours to explore some places of interest in the city of Madrid. In this article we suggest some options to discover or rediscover some places that deserve a visit, more so if it is one guided by an expert.

Madrid has many options with different themes that fit all audiences, choose the one you prefer.

1. The National Drama Centre proposes to discover its facilities thanks to a guided tour inside its pedagogic program. The tour includes the visit of the María Guerrero and Valle Inclán Theatres to find out the inside secrets, like the stage machinery and the technical zones of a theatre.

2. The Stock Market Palace of Madrid, established by the king Ferdinand VII in 1831, offers you a free tour every Thursday. You will be able to explore all the building and how it works in a dynamic and participatory tour.

3. Every Monday from 12h to16h, you can see in a different way the permanent exhibition of the Thyssen Museum. Find out almost one thousand of art pieces in the museum, you will find pieces form the 12th century until the end of the 20th century.

4. Discover the engineering treasures of the Aeronautic and Astronautic Museum. During the tour you will find more than 150 aircrafts, uniforms, medals, miniatures, weapon and a large engine collection.

5. If you want to make a guided visit with your children, your place is the Madrid Royal Observatory. You will find out a great instrument collection, like Foucault Pendulum, the William Herschel Telescope (1804) or a hall which houses a large collection of Astronautic, Geodesy and Geophysics tools from the 19th and 20th centuries.

6. Our last proposition is the Naval Museum, which present a tour for the whole family in a pleasant and funny way.