Turismo Madrid


Two jewels in Madrid

If you want to discover some special places with a high historical content, we suggest you pop into the 'Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando' (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando) and the 'Real Fábrica de Tapices' (Royal Tapestry Factory). These two cultural institutions located in the city of Madrid bring together amazing collections. A real journey through Spanish and European history of art.

Art lovers will find in Madrid at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and at the Royal Tapestry Factory the tools to test its knowledge of art, and Spanish and European know-how through the last centuries.

Officially opened in 1752, the 'Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando' (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando), located close to the Retiro Park, is the art institution with the longest tradition and the greatest cultural force in Spain and covers more than five centuries of Spanish, Italian and Flemish art history. It has an exceptional heritage that consists in more than 1,400 paintings, 1,300 sculptures and 15,000 drawings, prints, furniture, silver objects and jewellery among others. You can admire inside the permanent collection that includes works realized by masters such as Francisco de Goya, who was member of the academy since 1780, and who the museum houses 13 paintings; Zurbaran, with works such as the 'Agnus Dei' and the 'Mercedarian Friars'; or Vicente Lopez, who with portraits like Manuel Godoy´s one, represented the painting in the nineteenth century. The gallery offers a view on the different art schools and artistic currents of European art through the centuries. See along the fifty-nine rooms the only 'Arcimboldo' preserved in Spain, the sculpture of 'Felipe V on horseback' by Robert Michel, or the 'Woman Head' by Picasso. 

For its part, 'Real Fábrica de Tapices' (Royal Tapestry Factory) was founded in 1721 by Felipe V, and since 1996 became a non-profit foundation, thus resulting in what is now known as the Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation. Located very close to the Atocha station, in the famous Art Walk, the building was declared Cultural Interest thanks to its construction neomudejar. There are several artists who painted cartoons and drawings for tapestries; among others is found Goya, whose tapestries can be seen in several museums such as the Prado. The Foundation also lets you discover firsthand, methods of preparation, restoration and conservation of tapestries. After your visit you can enjoy the good weather in the Region of Madrid and take a break in its historical garden that has been recently renovated. 

Don't miss the opportunity to discover these special places, faithful witnesses of the Spanish and European art history.