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Activities organized by Visitor Centres

Have you already visited the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park? Whether or not you have ever been there, we suggest you join some of the activities proposed by the park's Visitor Centres taking advantage of the summer season. During the months of July and August, they intensify their activity offering alternatives to escape from the routine.

Summer is here and if you wish to escape from the city bustle, we suggest you to discover the activities proposed by Visitor Centres of the Guadarrama National Park, to keep you in contact with nature. A plan that you can do alone or accompanied by whom you prefer, you decide it!

Several centres with the aim to promote the understanding and the appreciation on the main values of protected area, providing basic services of information and visitor assistance, but some of them also offer various activities, if you like nature, don't miss it.

In La Pedriza Visitor Centre you will find the permanent exhibition 'Viaja a la Sierra de Guadarrama' (A trip in the Sierra de Guadarrama), where you can explore all the mountains ecosystems. But during this summer you can also see the temporary exhibitions: 'El bosque y los incendios forestales' (The forest and forest fires), 'El agua es cosa de todos' (The water is up to everyone), and 'La naturaleza a través de la pintura' (The nature through painting). If your thing is hiking, you can discover some emblematic park areas, and even learn the basics in their workshops about orientation, map reading, etc. Moreover you will find children activities to have fun with clues games, drawing workshops and more...

For its part, the Fuenfría Valley Visitor Centre invites anyone to see the permanent exhibition: 'El Valle de la Fuenfría: Una historia Sostenible' (The Fuenfría Valley: A Sustainable story). About the temporary exhibitions during July, the children can participate to a narrative and drawing contest. Then in August, thanks to the exhibition courtesy of the National Natural Science Museum, the park offers you the chance to discover the most curious and unknown species in 'Top Ten, descubriendo las especies' (Top Ten, discovering species) among other activities like workshops, games, movies, pictures to discover the park with your camera and strolls among other activities.

Last but not least, El Paular Valley Visitor Centre will surprise you with its temporary photo exhibition 'Senderos de la memoria. Una mirada sobre la España rural: 1948-1968' (Paths of memory. A look over the rural Spain: 1948-1968). Discover the different trees species with a fun gymkhana, or go through different farms and roads with the activities focused on 'ecotourism'. You can even make your own bike path discovering, thanks to clues the mysteries of the Lozoya Valley.

As you see there are activities for everyone, so break the routine, take a look on all the activities offered by the National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama, and choose yours!

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