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Recreational areas and natural pools

Here is a very interesting alternative to fight Madrid's summer heat in a cheap, healthy and fun way. We introduce a variety of recreational areas and natural pools around the Region, from north to south and from east to west, where you will find places like no other to enjoy nature in the open.

The common feature of these recreational public areas, is that most of them have easy access, parking areas for vehicles and basic public services, from tables and seats adapted to the environment, to natural sources and kiosks, children's play and sports areas, all outdoors and in contact with nature.

Thanks to the abundance of water in the Region of Madrid, we are are lucky to have rivers and swamps that form along its route countless river pools and natural pools with crystal clear waters that refresh visitors and make the enjoyment of the smallest. See among others the reservoir of San Juan, the classic par excellence, or relaxing in the natural pools of Riosequillo in Buitrago del Lozoya, one of the most representative recreational areas and a real paradise about an hour from Madrid. 

So that the day trip will be complete, to recharge your batteries there are regulated areas for barbecues, or even to use portable cooking elements and buy the typical picnic sandwiches in a kiosk or taste the typical dishes of the region. Of course, respecting the rules of coexistence and being very careful with the legislation for collecting waste, noise, animals and protected species of flora and fauna. It is recommended before the trip, learn about the potential limitations of the area to visit with the town's council of the area, and see the 'Decalogue of Good use of the Hill'.

The offer is so extensive that is best to check the guide of Recreational Areas of the Region of Madrid, which highlights the variety of spaces in the Sierra Norte or Guadarrama, with plenty of routes and natural pools of refreshing water, the basins of the Alberche River, the Manzanares, Jarama and the Tagus in the southern part of the region with authentic river sand beaches and pools with warmer waters, through the Henares Basin and the Tajuña, to the east.

By the diversity and richness of the region the abundance of natural resources, the accessibility, the public services are sufficient elements to escape the recreational areas and spend a relaxed journey, healthy and that we recharge energy, enjoy it.

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