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A ride in a calash by the Royal Palace of Aranjuez

Aranjuez is a great place to enjoy various leisure activities, immersed in its unique culture and landscape. Activities such as riding a vintage train or a hot-air balloon, going horseback riding or taking a canoe tour, or enjoying a good festival, amongst other. Where would you like to start?

The huge natural environment of Aranjuez, declared a Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site, offers a wide range of outdoor activities in perfect harmony with history, tradition, architecture and art.

Venture and embark on the 'Curiosity', a tourist boat to enjoy the fascinating natural area on the banks of the Tagus River, on a tour of 45 minutes where you can enjoy the fabulous Pier Real, the Garden Pavilions and the rich flora and fauna of the environment. If you prefer something more exciting and enjoy the lesser-known Tagus, you can make the route of 'The Gancheros', where for two hours on a canoe, you will realize a descent the most exciting.

And continuing with strong emotions, what about if we raise the flight and we sailed the air uploaded in a hot air balloon? In Aranjuez, you'll take a walk in the clouds where you can also actively participate. At the end of the experience will be a party where you'll cheer with champagne and raisins, and will be awarded with a diploma for your air baptism. I don't miss it!

Let us return to earth, this time on rails mounted on one of the carriages of the Chiquitren, a magical experience for children and adultsin which you will enjoy for about 50 minutes stroll through the beautiful historic center of Aranjuez and fabulous Royal Gardens, that they were inspired by artists as important as Joaquin Rodrigo, at their concert of Aranjuez. A real luxury!

Also don't forget to give you a historic ride on the Strawberry Train where you live a travel of the last century on board of a wooden car for nearly a century. If you want to add a touch of romance to your trip, we suggest you ride in a carriage to enjoy Aranjuez in a different way and certainly unforgettable, you can choose several routes like the route of the old town, the historical Sotos, Casa de la Monta and the Prince's Garden, all very interesting and you will be done during the months of March to October.

But if you just want to relax and forget the daily grind, you can go hiking in the wonderful routes that offer the town, some of them classified as Natural Reserve as the Regajal, Sea of Ontígola or Historic Sotos. You also have several routes to enjoy riding a horse, a unique experience.

If you have time don't forget to visit their festivities. On May 30th, are celebrated the Saints Festivities, and in early September the Aranjuez Mutiny Festival. Colorful and nature in a perfect combination which includes many concerts, theatrical performances, the bull runs, bullfights, the Ancient Music Festival, etc. Of course, do not forget its gastronomy, famous for its strawberries, asparagus and hunting tradition.

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