Turismo Madrid


Guided visits to unique buildings

Sunny weather is coming and like to walk around the city, discover the beauty of its architecture and of course, know its history. So this week we suggest two unique buildings guided tours of the city: the National Drama Centre, and the Royal Observatory in Madrid, do you want to come with us?

The Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN) (National Drama Centre), is the first theatrical production unit created by the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Founded in 1978, it has provided more than three hundred shows. It has two sites for the development of their shows: the María Guerrero Theatre and the Valle-Inclán Theatre. Within the educational program of the own center, with the aim of bringing the theater to the educational community, a guided tour of one hour is proposed, in which the artistic and cultural heritage of the two sites will not leave you indifferent. The Valle-Inclán Theatre won the National Architecture Award 2007, for his part, María Guerrero Theatre was declared Property of Cultural Interest in 1996. During the visit, you will know the history of the site and the characteristics of the mise en scène. You will have access to both the ground, as the intricacies of the stage, stage machinery, technical area, etc., thereby achieving know thoroughly the role of the people involved in a theater perform. The tours are free and only take place in groups in the morning from Tuesday to Friday. Don't miss the opportunity to meet this singular building and make your booking in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more than 200 years ago, the hermitage of San Blas has a temple dedicated to science whose construction was ordered by Carlos III, with the advice of the Spanish naval engineer and scientist Jorge Juan. We are talking about Real Madrid Observatory, which began to build around the year 1790 in the old cerrillo of San Blas, near the Parque del Retiro, next to the old Academy of Sciences now converted into the Prado Museum and the Botanical Garden. Likewise, in parallel, was built a reflecting telescope of 60 cm in diameter and 25 feet focal length, work of the astronomer William Herschel's. Currently the observatory offers a program of guided tours of about an hour and a half, in which not only go over the main building designed by Juan de Villanueva, his great library or gardens, but also discover the collection of appliances, watches and other ancient instruments like the meridian circle Repsold 1854. Special mention deserves the reconstruction of the big Telescopie of 1804 natural size, that you'll find in the Hall of Earth Science and the Universe. A unique building that also worth visiting, discover here how to make your reservation.