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Routes with children in the Sierra de Guadarrama

Lovers of hiking are in luck, because from the Region of Madrid, we suggest some routes, by land small difficulty adapted to even take the little ones at their strollers, in which family cohabitation, from parents to grandparents, you will enjoy an unforgettable day of unique natural areas.


Nature and family join in this initiative that we recommend from here. The routes we are presenting are simple and relatively short, without great slopes, but not cease to be places of spectacular, organized and very much controlled for the peace of mind of the elderly, and enjoy the little ones.

Our first recommendation is "Calzada Borbónica de la Fuenfría", which elapses from the only well-preserved stretch Roman road that connected Titulcia with Segovia, and was used until the eighteenth century. On the path, highlights the Roman Bridge del Descalzo, the Fountain of Health with examples of yew and good vegetation until reaching the port of Fuenfría, livestock trail. The difficulty is low; the route is 5.9 kilometers (round trip), 4 hours.

The second proposal is "La Senda Formas", in the Pedriza. It has a granite landscape, which runs through the National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama. On the walk, we find a rich variety of berrocales, domes and ridges and rock formations that will delight the children 'seal', 'turtle', 'pig', 'bird'. If the route is accompanied by the little ones or the oldest, there is a variation of 1,5 Km more easier. The route is 6,8 km, medium difficulty and 4 hours approximately.

Finally, we suggest you 'Los Robledos', in the Valle del Paular. Starting from the famous monastery of the same name, and towards Cotos, we are entering a pine forest, along a wide track. We cannot miss the Mirador de los Robledos in it we will contemplate a unique view of the Valley of Lozoya. It is a 12,6 km long route, low difficulty and which we will walk three hours.

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