Turismo Madrid


Natural environment


We recommend you to walk along the path of the Vereda del Cristo, which starts from the Plaza Mayor towards the Paseo del Cristo and goes away from the urban center and crosses many typical crops of the area: cereal, olive groves and vineyards.

The path continues from the hermitage of Christ until it reaches the border with the province of Toledo, around several ravines until it reaches the Tagus River. At the end is the Mirador de los Barrancos where you get the best views of the valley of the Tajo and the first villages of Toledo.

And if you are also one of those who enjoy greenways, you have the Ruta del Tren, a 14-kilometer route that has as its axis the branch of the railway that linked Colmenar de Oreja and Chinchón with the city of Madrid, today belonging to the Vía Verde del Tajuña.

Finally, we recommend the Ruta del Tajo, a 16-kilometer route that follows in the footsteps of the Tajo, with a winding river course and large meanders, which allows you to discover the riverside vegetation that still survives and see the remains of the castle of Oreja.


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