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Sierra del Rincón

The Sierra del Rincón was declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in July 2005. It has really spectacular landscapes, a great variety of ecosystems and being the example of reservation of biodiversity, it is a place that you must visit. You don't have excuse! Select a day on your calendar and come to this wonderful place.

The Sierra del Rincón is located in the North-West part of the Region of Madrid. It is distributed in five municipalities: Horcajuelo de la Sierra, Montejo de la Sierra, La Hiruela, Prádena del Rincón and Puebla de la Sierra. All of them still have the essence of the mountainous towns. 90% of the area is protected, highlighting the beautiful Hayedo de Montejo, one of the most southern in Europe. You can visit it, but you must take into account that the tour is limited and you will need a permit to get in. Get informed previously and don't miss this opportunity, it is worthy.

It biodiversity is amazing, and there are more than 1,000 species of animals and plants, from which 140 are weird, endemic animals and others appear in the Regional Catalogue of Threatened Species.

HAYEDO DE MONTEJO © Comunidad de Madrid

Cultural, Artistic and Architectonic Heritage

The Sierra del Rincón not only has natural attractive, but also towns with great cultural, artistic and architectonic value. There are many houses with wooden and stone constructions that remain intact and it seems that time has stopped. The buildings like the Flour Mill of La Hiruela stands out (a beautiful town that, despite being small, you have many places to eat and accommodate). It is from the 18th century and today it works perfectly. We also highlight the shoeing frames of Montejo de la Sierra or the Church of Santo Domingo de Silos in Prádena del Rincón, with a great architectonic interest due to the mixture of stiles that it has suffer over centuries.

Pradena del Rincón - Comunidad de Madrid

If you want to know more about the lifestyle of the Range, you have to visit the etnographic museums of Horcajuelo de la Sierra and La Hiruela. Here you will not find works of famous artists, but memories given by the neighbors, such as farm tools, family clothes and livestock instruments.

An in the middle of the valley we will find done of the most beautiful places of this range: Puebla de la Sierra. Here the stream with the same name flows, and in the shores there are centenary holm oaks. Do not miss the Molino de Abajo and the Dreams Valley, an original project that gathers 18 sculptures in a tour of 1.3 km.

On The Road

With these attractions, don't you want to travel around the many paths that depart from the different town and explore the Sierra del Rincón with your family and friends? This region offers thousand of possibilities to do all kinds of active tourism.

Auto-guided tours from La Hiruela until Horcajuelo, Puebla... and during any time of the year. The "Path of the silver mines", the "path of the centenary oaks" or the "path of the jobs of the life" are some examples of the possibilities that this area offers. There are also routes for handicapped people, like the "Water Path".