Between Puerta del Sol and the Royal Palace we find street, squares and buildings where Madrid village born. Always animated, you will enjoy a great environment to walk by them.

Madrid possesses one of the most important historic centres in Europe, also known as “Madrid de los Austrias” (Habsburg Madrid). It is located around the “Plaza Mayor” (Main square), inaugurated in 1620, and the “Plaza de la Villa” (Village square), which is the old City Hall headquarters.

Near “Plaza Mayor” you can take a walk feeling like a king until the so-called “aristocratic centre” of Madrid, where you can discover the beauty of the Royal Palace (“Palacio Real”), the “Plaza de Oriente”, the Opera house or the Almudena Cathedral. This is the Madrid of the Bourbons (“Borbones”).

I would recommend you to visit the “Mercado de San Miguel” (San Michael’s Market) at aperitif time, where it is currently in vogue to have “Tapas”, buy top quality food, or even buy the current bestseller novel.

palacio real vista angular

Recall the twelve grapes

Following the “Calle Mayor” you will find the “Puerta del Sol”, with its “Km 0”, 100 year old shops and the large clock where many Spanish people see the new year in. Take a picture with the bear and the strawberry tree statue (“El oso y el Madroño”), the symbol of the city.

It is about time to do some shopping: from here, and in streets like Preciados or Gran Vía, you will find a large number of stores, department stores and shopping malls where you can find the ultimate technology.

Image credits: Puerta del Sol©Hugo Fernández - Region of Madrid