Colmenar de Oreja

Colmenar de Oreja is located in the southeast of the region of Madrid, just 60 kilometers from the capital. In itself, its main square and the Ulpiano Checa Museum make the trip worthwhile, but to complete it... nothing better than a good wine to accompany its rich gastronomy. 

A bit of history
The history of Colmenar is linked to the nearby castle of Oreja, a pre-Roman fortress whose remains are located a few kilometers from the town, in the province of Toledo. The castle, for its part, is located in a strategic enclave to control the Tagus River. 

In 1440 it acquired the rank of villa, passing through it the itinerant court of the Castilian kings. At the beginning of the 20th century the railroad reached the town, although in the 1940s the line ceased to be operational and today it can be visited as part of the Tajuña greenway.

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Famous quarries and other trades
Famous are its quarries from which stone has been used for the Royal Palaces of Madrid and Aranjuez, the Royal Theater and fountains such as Cibeles and Neptuno, among others. 

The town also experienced an important industrial development thanks to the ovens where the jars for wine and oil were made. This trade of the past is reflected today in the large ovens where the pieces were fired, which were exported throughout the peninsula and even overseas. Some of them can be seen in the town center.

Some other handicrafts such as esparto grass and soap making also stand out.

Colmenar de Oreja, together with ten other charming tourist towns, is part of the Villas de Madrid program.


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